Organization Chart

Activity basis

1. Repairing, rebuilding and triggering AC and DC electrical machines up to 1000 kVA power

2. Constructing and triggering small power plant with 5 MW power

3. Triggering AC and DC generator sets

4. Designing and manufacturing all spare parts of electrical machines

5. Research on and manufacturing regulators for controlling voltage of generator with RST brand

6. Design and manufacturing different kinds of low power panels

7. Coupling different diesel engines with different alternators such as Perkins, Cummins, Volvo penta, Johndeer, Stamford, Mecc  alte, Marelli, Aksa and Seg

8. Designing and manufacturing mobile workshops and welding machines        as well

9. Consulting, purchasing and selling electromotor, AC & DC gensets  and their spare parts

10. Importing industrial electrical parts as customers' demand and exporting Iranian parts 

11. Installing all equipments of power plant and power transportation post

12. Synchronizing generators together and electricity network

13. Offering services on Solar energy driven systems (Photovoltaic, Thermal)