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About Us


Matn Nirou Isfahan Co. (MNI Co.), which is a leading supplier in the industry of electrics and electronic equipment, was officially established in 2006. However it actually began its technical and professional career in 1955 as a workshop. 

In the beginning, our activities included installation and repairing of electrical motors as well as medium power electric panels. In 1991, we relocated our settlement to the current location in Najafabad Industrial Zone, where we could expand the business in a more specific field; Assembly and Maintenance of all AC and DC electrical machines such as all kinds of Gen-sets, welding machines, portable workshops and etc. Simultaneously, our technical lab team offered vital consultations to customers on purchasing, installation and repairing electrical systems.

Later on, our engineers and specialists made a thorough research on AC generators. Consequently we were able to produce an extremely high quality Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with our self-design and self-brand. This product was of a great importance in the domestic and international markets of AC Gensets, which was at first sold by the brand of RST, and later became well-known as MNI AVR. In 2004, the Community of Inventors & Innovations awarded an honor diploma to Mr. Asghar Tavakoli (CEO) for this pioneer product.

By the end of 2005 the preliminaries for foundation of the company were prepared and in 2006 the company was officially registered. Thanks to the R&D experts of the company, we have significantly increased our working areas during the past years. Currently we are specialized in two major fields; "Industrial Power supplies" and "Electronics".

We have a wide variety of products and services, including the main products of "High voltage flexible water-cooled cables for Arc Furnaces", "Power Plant equipment such as Diesel Gen-sets", "AVR", "Electronic Auto Parts" and etc. 

Organization Chart

Activity basis

1. Repairing, rebuilding and triggering AC and DC electrical machines up to 1000 kVA power

2. Constructing and triggering small power plant with 5 MW power

3. Triggering AC and DC generator sets

4. Designing and manufacturing all spare parts of electrical machines

5. Research on and manufacturing regulators for controlling voltage of generator with RST brand

6. Design and manufacturing different kinds of low power panels

7. Coupling different diesel engines with different alternators such as Perkins, Cummins, Volvo penta, Johndeer, Stamford, Mecc  alte, Marelli, Aksa and Seg

8. Designing and manufacturing mobile workshops and welding machines        as well

9. Consulting, purchasing and selling electromotor, AC & DC gensets  and their spare parts

10. Importing industrial electrical parts as customers' demand and exporting Iranian parts 

11. Installing all equipments of power plant and power transportation post

12. Synchronizing generators together and electricity network

13. Offering services on Solar energy driven systems (Photovoltaic, Thermal)